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If you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat.  Since your body burns calories all day, you don’t necessarily need to exercise regularly to accomplish this. Also, do not underestimate exercises, because exercises are very important, but without proper diet, it won’t help you a lot. If you find time to slip in some regular cardiovascular exercises, your weight loss will be much quicker, and you can eat more.

In order to start out, you have to try to drop your caloric intake by four to five hundred calories. That will most likely get your burning more then you eat. Unless you are quickly gaining weight right now, which means you are taking in a lot more then you burn. You need to get more drastic if this is the case, but for now, four to five hundred fewer calories per day should do.

So, how will you do that? Well, actually it is quite simple. We are going to show you some of the common and pretty easy ways to cut five hundred calories per day.

vitality_diet_plan_for_weight_lossYou should not eat or drink: soda, mayo, chips, French fries, ice cream, juice, doughnuts, bagels, candies. Why? Well just 3 twelve ounces regular sodas per day have around 450 calories. You can drink diet instead, if you need caffeine.  But try to avoid soda.  Instead of a mayo you can use good mustard. If you like mayo so much, you can use low fat mayo. But, only if you must. It is better to avoid it. French fries – well anything that is fried – do not eat. Also, there are plenty reasons why not to eat these foods.

However, you should eat these foods: protein, water and veggies. A lot of these. Protein must be a big part of your diet.  Because will fill you up, but it has the half calories as fat. Also, protein doesn’t cause your body to store fat. Water is very important. You need to drink it constantly all day long. You need to force yourself to drink it even when you are not thirsty.  You need a ton of water for your body to burn fat. It will increase your metabolism and you to burn calories. Also, with one glass of water you can trick your body into thinking it is not hungry. And why vegetables? Veggies will fill you up, but have a little or no calories at all.

Weight-Loss-FitnessSo, now after you know what you can eat, and you can’t eat, you need to dedicate your time on exercises. Cardio is the most important exercise for losing weight. Thirty minutes five day per week must be in your schedule. Also, you need to mix cardio with body building. Some weight lifting will help you even more then cardio. It will shape your body as well, and make your muscles visible. You need to exercise. So, hit the gym and find some cardio exercise that you like: running, cycling, cardio kick boxing, and swing, play some sport. . . .You need to find something that you like.

Now, you just need to follow these advices and to push yourself and you will see the results and lose some weight.